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Reopen With Safety in Mind

The corona virus has wreaked havoc across the United States and forced many people out of their workplaces. But as each area of our country—whether it be a state, city or county—has begun the phased approach to reopening its economy, many industry owners and operators are wondering about the best approaches to start moving forward.

Health-protective signage is a critical area, regardless of the level of risk associated with the type of profession. It’s intended and necessary to keep employees and customers safe. The Centers for Disease Control, OSHA, and federal, state and local health agencies have recommended plans to reduce employees’ risk of exposure to the virus. As businesses owners pivot to put best practices in place, Central Decal Company is happy to make these decisions easy and economical. We can create high-quality labels, emblems, decals and graphics that can remove your guesswork from the equation. Central Decal can create health signage that speaks to any industry, large or small. We have always been a custom graphic printer, and we’re happy to create a designs that best meet your business’s needs.

Central Decal is prepared to help with any of your specific requirements. No matter which phase your reopening is in, count on us for products that will help your customers and employees feel and stay safe. They are undoubtedly ultra-focused on keeping themselves healthy, and our products will help to put their minds at ease.

Picking up the pieces after a business closure, slowdown or furlough isn’t a simple operation; it comes with a new level of awareness and complexity. There’s a fine line between finding the right balance between advancement and safety. Central Decal’s health protective signage can help you cross this subject off your to-do list.

To find out how Central Decal Company will help your business get back on track carefully, please call 800-869-7654 or 630-325-9892.

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