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Enhance Your Brand’s Identity

Central Decal Company’s labels, emblems, domed decals and graphics are perfect for such a wide variety of products that it’s enough to make your head spin! Those brand marks include toys, cars, sporting goods, plastic containers and household appliances. The list goes on.

Consider this: One of the most efficient ways to promote your business far and wide is to have Central Decal Company create and apply custom graphics and labels on items that have a tendency to travel far and wide.

We’re talking about every-day portable things such as pens, containers of hand sanitizers, water bottles, thumb drives, pencils, tote bags, key chains, coffee mugs, pocket calendars, apparel, and accessories for cell phones and other tech equipment. By using a promotional products, you have a physical branded product that your customers can hold in their hands.

These types of products are especially effective at trade shows. Many businesses frequently give visitors to their booths some sort of promotional swag with the hope that their logo and/or brand name will be seen by many other people long after the show is over and everyone has left. You want to communicate your brand message to potential customers in a way that doesn’t come off as forced or a hard sell, and that will ultimately generate qualified leads.

Central Decal Company’s passion to make professionals like you standout with exceptional promotional products and apparel for your next event, campaign, board meeting and more. We believe that every impression is important and that promotional items help brands stay connected with their customers and clients and keep employees engaged.

Professionals work with Central Decal Company because of our ability to deliver to them great ideas and unique products that adapt to their brand and promote their business in the best light. We get it right and provide exceptional customer service time and time again. Guaranteed.

To find out how Central Decal Company can greatly enhance your business’s visibility, please call 800-869-7654 or 630-325-9892.

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