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Central Decal is an in-mold decorating specialist.  Our first and second surface IMLs deliver the quality, aesthetics and performance required for a wide range of applications.  What makes our IMLs unique is the repeatability of our debris free IMLs.  Our proprietary technology creates a permanent bond between the IML and a similar or dissimilar resin, eliminating delamination, popping, or bubbling between the IML and resin. 

We provide IMLs with smooth or textured surfaces and gloss or matte finishes.  As for inks, we print mirror chrome, brushed stainless, dead-front windows, display windows, metallics, patterns and fades.

The quality and service continues to be outstanding, 0 ppm for over 250,000 IML's.


                                                   Senior Commodity Manager in Appliance Market.

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