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badging & emblems

Central Decal adds dimension with our badges and emblems.  Central Decal provides design flexibility with dimensionality, multicolors graphics, metallic finishes, dynamic sculpting, select doming, and prespaced flat or domed letters.


Our dimensional badges have numerous design options including the ability to combine sculpted dimensionality, colors, metallic effects incorporated into a one piece or multiple prespaced elements.


For domed decals, we utilize a non yellowing outdoor durable, crystal clear resin and leverage the optical effects of the curved dome with embossing, unique pigments and metallization to enhance dimensionality.  We provide full coverage doming and expand design capabilities with script doming, selective doming on decals and free standing domed letters.

Central Decal badges and domed decals are outdoor weatherable and engineered to meet specific aesthetic and performance requirements to ensure that the durability, reliability and repeatability will meet your specific end use application.  Application surfaces include low and high surface energy surface, that are textured, flat, curved and even flexible surfaces.  

product surfaces are no longer flat, thanks to Central Decal our emblems look great, 


         and permanently adhering to our curved hoods

Product Manager, Outdoor Powered Product

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