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products that are decorative, functional, informational and enhance brand identity




You see us everyday.

We provide the brand marks for inside and outside your car, overlays on your household appliances, decals on powered products, graphics on toys, logos on sporting goods, control panels on electronics, the graphics on your recycling container and more...

we produce

gas tank.low res
ge 2 close up with gray
merc racing domne on tube copy
snapper IML
dishwasher panel way brighter
black control cropped

about us

For over 60 years, the Central Decal team has focused on producing high quality durable graphics and providing personalized service.

Today, we provide decals, labels, domed decals, emblems, overlays and in mold labels for indoor and outdoor applications to OEMs, plastic molding companies and assemblers throughout North America. 

Graphic Print Services

Our experience, combined with technology enhancements, generates solutions for our customers that consistently differentiates us from our competitors. 

We consider our customers much more than a partner, they are all part of our family.

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