Reliability – 

In a global economy requiring REACH and RoHS why would our China facility import a dome decal from Central Decal… because of their proven product constancy and reliability.  

Responsiveness – 

We need to respond quickly to our customer’s daily changes in demand, if it was not for Central Decal’s can do attitude, we could not complete the orders, 

"Just in Time" typically has risk and means someone is holding inventory.  Central Decal eliminates the inventory risk by competitively producing only what we need when we need it.

Technology – 

We heard about the challenges with IML and were hesitant to start using the technology, we were successful because of Central Decal’s service and support 

New products and technology, Central Decal consistently provides cost effective solutions.

It is fun to work with a creative company that has numerous solutions when we develop new products.

Central Decal is very competitive and they constantly help us reduce our costs.

Central Decal provides product solutions and goes the extra step to help us increase our market differentiation.

Integrity – 

High values and ethics... We can do business on a handshake without the need for contracts, that says a lot about the character of an organization 

Financial stability - 

Central Decal has been a supplier for many years and we have never had to worry if Central Decal could weather the financial storms.

When Central Decal needs support, we are there for them.  Not because they are one of our biggest customer, they are one of our best customers 

Ease of doing business – 

Few companies are true partners.   The team at Central Decal is an extension of our business.  

The old saying goes, you can have price, quality or delivery, pick two, with Central Decal we get all threes plus they also make it easy to do business

It’s refreshing to work with the team at Central Decal, a company with integrity, experience and dedication.